Cancellation policy

Renter agrees not to use, nor permit the use: 

of the rental craft for any unlawful purpose; 

of the rental craft in a careless or negligent manner; 

of the rental craft while under the influence of liquor or narcotics; or any other drugs; 

 by any other person not the signatory of the agreement, or not equally qualified;

 of the rental craft after dark. 

An additional service charge of $50 will be applied if the boat is not left filled up. 

There will be an extra charge of $50 if the boat needs excessive cleaning

Navigation of power boats is confined to the waterways of Lee County, Fl

The RENTER shall keep his copy of this agreement in his possession during the rental period and must present it to the OWNER at time of return for preparation of the final invoice. 

The RENTER shall demonstrate to Sunstate operators a working knowledge of boat operations and boating safety along with significant experience in operating a boat.  This is crucial to the safety of all boat occupants and other boaters as well as the safety and security of the vessel being leased.  Sunstate operators reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who does not mean this guidelines on the day of the rental.

RENTER acknowledges that the boat is the rightful property of the OWNER, and further acknowledges that he received said boat in good and safe mechanical and seaworthy condition. RENTER agrees to return said boat together with all accessories and accouterments to the OWNER in the same condition as RENTER received it. Said boat is equipped with life jackets or buoyant cushions (number specified above),  anchor and line, fire extinguisher, horn and a full tank(s) of fuel. 

RENTER agrees to pay to OWNER the cost of replacing lost equipment and the cost of repairing damages to, and caused by, the boat including parts, labor expenses of transporting said vessel or other property to and from point of repair, all towing charges, including, but not limited to all towing charges as a result of grounding or beaching of the boat, regular rental fee covering time said vessel is out of service as a result of damage, and any collection cost and / attorney fees necessary to secure reimbursement. It is understood that the security deposit ("Deposit") will be used for payment of all or part of the above cost up to $1,000..   Credit card deposit of $1,000 required.  Transaction will be voided when boat is returned in same condition as when rented.

RENTER agrees to pay to the OWNER for all damages to propeller and lower unit of boat caused by beaching, hitting submerged obstructions, running aground or any other cause.  The propeller and lower unit of the boat will be inspected before and after rental.  If there is ANY damage to motor or propeller, RENTER will be immediately charged a minimum of $200 for repair.  Total cost will be determined by our certified mechanic and paid in full by RENTER.

RENTER agrees that the use of the boat by a number of persons greater than the number of life jackets or buoyant cushions provided (children under 13 years of age and under are required to wear a life jacket at all times), use of the boat for water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing or similar watersports is violation of the rental agreement and shall result in the forfeiture of all the Deposit.

RENTER agrees to operate the boat in a safe and legal manner as prescribed by all laws and regulations applicable to the area in which the boat is operated. 

RENTER agrees to and shall indemnify and hold harmless Sunstate Yachts Inc, its officers, agents, and employees, from and against any claims, losses, damages, causes of action, suits, and liability of every kind including all expenses of litigation, court costs, and attorney’s fees for injury to or death of RENTER or RENTER’s guest or invitee, or for damages to any property of RENTER or RENTER’s guests or invitees arising out of or in connection with obligations of Sunstate Yachts Inc., under this contract, where such injuries, death or damages are caused by Sunstate Yachts Inc’s sole negligence or the joint negligence of RENTER and any other person or entity.   

Cancellation policy 
If renter cancels the contract 3 month before renting period is starting, downpayment amount is not refundable.
If renter cancels the contract 6 weeks before renting period is starting, cancellation fee is 50% on rental amount only.
If renter cancels the contract 4 weeks before renting period is starting, cancellation fee is 100% on rental amount only. 

The final amount is due 6 weeks  before renting period is starting.

The boat insurance does not cover any damages, if you break one of the rules mentioned above.


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